Our Vision

Understanding the workings of planet Earth requires observations across a wide range of scales. In geosciences, this ranges from sub-millimetre scales in borehole samples, to decimetre scales in physical measurements in boreholes, to various seismic scales (metres to 10s of metres). Dovetailing information from these different vantage points is crucial for fully extrapolating 1D borehole information into 2D and 3D Earth models based on seismic data.

We are establishing a virtual research centre that will act as a nucleus for conceiving and running research projects that harvest the untapped potential of hundreds of scientific boreholes. We envisage that scientists from Germany, in collaboration with key international partners, should work closely together and provide the critical mass and long-term expertise to sustain the research centre. Close links with the public sector and industry should make it possible to fund 1-4 year research projects on all aspects of core-log-seismic integration. We consider this an ideal way to foster collaboration among the centres in the Earth and Environment Division of the Helmholtz community, and to provide crucial service to industry.